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Trailer: Dead Prez, Yasiin Bey and MikeFlo tribute to Trayvon Martin

Some really dope interview and studio footage from Dead Prez, Yasiin Bey and MikeFlo, as they put together a tribute to Trayvon Martin over the classic Nas ‘Made You Look’ beat (produced by the legendary Salaam Remi).

It’s heartening to see top-level established artists coming together to make a statement, raise awareness, educate and organise.

Also be sure to check out Jasiri X’s heart-felt tribute to Trayvon, over the ‘No Church in the Wild’ beat from Watch The Throne.

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Happy birthday Freddie Hubbard

An all-time jazz legend!

Akala chats pure sense about the state of the music industry

10 minutes of great insight from Akala, without a doubt one of the leading cultural figures in the scene. Akala exposes some of the major problems in the UK underground/black music scene, addressing in particular the issue of cultural colonialism, whereby the corporate power structure uses its economic domination to shape the music towards its own agenda.



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