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Immortal Technique drops some gems in this Boikott Israel track

How the fuck you gonna have a peace settlement
When people want a piece of your land to build settlements?

I guess some Americans just don’t remember
There’s a slave graveyard under the World Trade Centre

Stop the criticism of Iranian nuclear fission
Until mutual nuclear disarmament’s the mission

Invincible – The Emperor’s Clothes

This is a very potent and very slick track/video from Detroit rapper Invincible. Invincible smashes a *lot* of stereotypes, as a white female rapper, an anti-zionist from a Jewish family (she was born in Israel) who raps about gentrification, racism, Native American rights and the occupation of Palestine. Without a doubt she is a highly proficient rapper that people need to start taking notice of.

Check this interview for more details about Invincible.

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