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Lupe Fiasco moving against misogyny

A genuinely interesting, thought-provoking hip-hop track about misogyny and the ‘b’ word. Big shout to Lupe for dealing with these issues (the sad tendency of a lot of hip-hop is to reinforce rather than question sexism). Great that he’s using his position to provoke a discussion of this nature, using a beat and flow that will appeal to a broader base than just the ‘conscious hip-hop’ heads.

We need more music like this, and especially we need to promote more female voices discussing these issues.

Akala ft Selah – A Message

How many musicians are willing and able to talk about the corrosive effect of male supremacy on the family?! Big ups to Akala and Selah on this one.

Wonderful video as ever from Global Faction. Love the cameo from the excellent Lez Henry also.

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