Must listen! Check the brand new FREE mixtape from rising UK hip-hop star Nate. Thought-provoking conscious lyrics, ghetto reportage, Afrocentric vibes, soulful beats and some great features from the likes of Lowkey, Logic, Cycolonius, Mohammed Yahya and Raggo Zulu Rebel.



  1. Intro Feat. Dark Matter
  2. Can’t Defeat We Feat. Tony As, Ethneezy & Raggo Zulu Rebel
  3. You’re Amazing Feat. Dark Matter & Reena
  4. Not For Sale
  5. Could Be You Feat. Logic, Mohammad Yahya Jay-Jay
  6. Africa Feat. Cyclonious, Dark Matter Jalex
  7. Skit Feat. Dark Matter
  8. One Wish Feat. Cyclonious, Lowkey Amy True
  9. Cold Feat. Cyclonious
  10. Spark My Soul Feat. Manic, Tony As & Jay-Jay
  11. Inner Peace
  12. Time To Shine Feat. Tony As, Non-Applicable, Raggo Zulu Rebel & Jay-Jay
  13. Outro Feat. Dark Matter

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